An Colman (Tune the Speed, Track 3)
Text: Erich „Esch“ Schacherl

Verse 1
I remember gentle times we shared in our past
Beautiful moments of happiness, forever they will last
Great times we had
Deep love we gave

Verse 2
I hope you can forgive me all my faults
I am just a lunatic, there’s strangeness in my thoughts
A cold-blooded fool
Shallow, weird, intentionally cool

(Cause) I am just a man like many others
Sometimes a boy, a friend, sometimes a lover
Strong, weak and afraid
Colmán, you’re my way, I guess you are my way

Verse 3
Life sometimes brings sadness and confusion to my mind
Love hurts, knocks me down, makes me feel deaf, dumb and blind
Bring me back to life
Trust me, Colmán, one more time.


All that I want (tune the speed, track 7)
(Words: Esch)

Verse 1
Once I climbed up Jacob`s ladder
To hear the angel`s choir
I saw some holy fiddle players
Heard the trumpets from Jericho
The angels played a gig for me
Real heavenly I must admit
Then Jesus and I wrote a song
Of love and peace, a spiritual one

Verse 2
Then I crawled down to Hell
To find out the truth about the demon tales
Fallen angels everywhere
But they were chilling and drinking beer
The heat was high, the girls were hot
A funny band played reels and rock
The devil himself served fine malts
Well I took some for the sake of god

I do all I want
I give all I got
I try all I can
In the name of love

Verse 3
I signed on the ship of fools
To sail away from any rules
And be so crazy I always wanted to
Live my dreams, away from false or true
We sailed across the Seven Seas
We found Atlantis in the east
Captain Nemo and Moby Dick
They followed us on our trip

Blackleg Miner (Clear this Planet, Track11)

Verse 1
Oh it`s in the evening after dark
When the Blackleg Miner creeps to work
With his moleskin trousers and dirty shirt
There goes the Blackleg Miner

Verse 2
They take their picks and doon they go
To dig the coal that lies below
There`s not a woman in this town
Will look at the Blackleg Miner

Verse 3
Oh Delaval is a terrible place
They rub wet clay in a blacklegs face
And round the heap they run the foot
Oh you dirty Blackleg Miner

Verse 4
Now don`t go near the Seghill Mine
Across the way they stretch a line
To catch the throat and break the spine
Oh you dirty Blackleg Miner

Verse 5
So join the Union while you may
Don`t wait till your dying day
For that may not be far away
Oh you dirty Blackleg Miner

Verse 6
So it`s in the evening after dark
When the Blackleg Miner creeps to work
With his moleskin trousers and dirty shirt
Oh you dirty Blackleg Miner

Brothers (Tune the Speed, Track 9)
Text: Erich “Esch” Schacherl

Verse 1
As I woke up one morning I heard the world had tumbled down
Finally now we`ve taken the first step beyond all bounds
Fires of hell had darkened the blue sky into frightening black
Never expected madness and evil are back

Verse 2
I read the news about a man who grew up in captivity
Every day hate and death brought to him by his enemy
Who was his neighbour and murdered 5 out of his family
Finally then he killed himself and 50 others to get free

Aren`t we all brothers?
Parts of the spirit of the world
All our mothers
Gave blood on our days of birth
All our fathers
Worked hard to build up the world
Aren`t we all brothers?
Sharing the same spirit of the universe

Verse 3
Now we all hear the engines of the yielding weapon industry
Thousands of soldiers drilled to kill for greed and inhumanity
Presidents want us to believe that war is a necessity
But fighting for peace is the same shit like fucking for virginity

The Dalesman` s Litany (Clear this Planet, Track 1)

Verse 1
It's hard when folks can't find their work
Where they've been bred and born
When I was young I always thought
I'd bide midst fruits and corn
But I've been forced to flee to town
So here's my Litany
From Hull and Halifax and hell
Good Lord deliver me.

Verse 2
When I was courting Mary Jane
The old Squire he said to me
I've got no rooms for wedded folk
Choose whether to go or to stay
I could not give up the girl I loved
So to town I was forced to flee
From Hull and Halifax and hell
Good Lord deliver me.

Verse 3
I've walked at night through Sheffield loin
It was just like being in hell
Where furnaces thrust out tongues of fire
And roared like the wind on the fell
I've sacked up coal in Barnsley pit
With muck up to my knee
From Barnsley Sheffield Rotherham
Good Lord deliver me.

Verse 4
But now that all our children have gone
To the country we've come back
There's forty miles of heathery moor
Twixt us and the coalpit stack
And as I sit by the fire at night
I'll laugh and shout with glee
From Hull and Halifax and hell
The good Lord delivered me.

The Richest Man (tune the speed, track 2)
Words: Esch

Verse 1
Ain`t got no buck in my pocket
Ain`t got no home to call my own
Ain`t got no crown nor a kingdom
Ain`t got no princess, no queen, ain`t got no throne

But I got tunes in my head
I got words in my heart
I got my voice to sing
I love to play with my thing
I got a guitar in my hands
I got a rock `n´ reel band
No doubt, I am the richest man (in town)

Verse 2
I got a hole in my stomach
Look like a corpse, just skin and bone
My clothes are torn like a scarecrow coat
My shoes are worn out `n´ old `n´ dirty `n´ full of holes

Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
Some people laugh at me
Though they don` t really see
The spirit inside me
That makes me strong and free
Some people laugh at me
Though they don` t really see
The spirit inside me
That makes me strong and free
I got nothing at all but more than most of you all (4x)


Seedtime (tune the speed, track 6)
words: andreas neumeister

love is the seed of your luck of tomorrow
love is the wind that now blows in your hair
rain will come sun will come to ban all your sorrows
let you be washed away , let it run

your winter´s too long
and don´t you think you wont be hurt anymore
your seedtime has got to come
let her be part of you
let her be stronger than you

her touch is the border you got to get over
her smell is the truth and the light of all times
you´ll never controll her, cause you´ve got to fall for her
an angel that falls is the key to all life

you say you´re a fighter a dreamer of visions
you´ve seen the future and you´ve seen the light
things are about to turn you are still about to learn
lay back close your eyes let your wooden heart burn

Trooper and the Maid (Clear this Planet, Track 8)

Verse 1
A trooper lad came here last night
With riding he was weary
A trooper lad came here last night,
When the moon shone bright and clearly

Lassie, I` ll lie near you yet
Lassie, I` ll lie near you
And I` ll gar all your ribbons reel
In the morning that I` ll leave you

Verse 2
She`s taken his high horse by the head
And led him to the stable
She`s given him all corn and hay
As much as he is able

Verse 3
She`s taken the trooper by the hand
And led him to the table
There`s food and wine for a soldier here
As much as he is able

Verse 4
She went upstairs to make the bed
She made it soft and easy
She pulled her petticoats over her head
Crying: Soldier are you ready?